Eric Howden [📷 Weajue Mombo]

Today: raised by swans | 📆May 27th

There are few bands that move me to the extent that Eric Howden’s music does. His music is meditative and full of power and this interview will leave you with much to think about. Tune in now on or catch the archive up using the link in bio 🙂

Raised by Swans came into my life when I needed it most. The ethereal melodies and poignant lyrics resonated deeply, offering solace and understanding during times when nothing else seemed to help. As the years passed, I eagerly awaited new music, yet a part of me feared that the magic might fade, that new songs wouldn’t touch me as profoundly as the old ones did. But I was wrong.

With each new release, Eric’s incredible artistry shines through, proving that his music’s timeless touch remains undiminished. His latest album is a testament to his enduring talent and ability to connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level. Once again, Eric has saved me with his music, offering a sense of comfort and healing that words alone cannot convey.

Among the tracks on this new album, “Star Shells” stands out as my favorite. Its haunting beauty and introspective lyrics encapsulate everything I love about Raised by Swans.

OSO OSO EXPOSED!!! In this episode of Absent Sounds, Weadee and Weajue find out the truth behind Oso Oso. Is Jade really a dog person? Does he have what it takes to be a fly on the wall and more importantly does he only have $79 to his name. We play through the album Sore Thumb from top to bottom, diving into some fun questions along the way. All this and more, on Absent Sounds.

“The making of this record is now a memory of a time that i holder closer to my heart than anything. Regardless of how I feel about these songs in the years to come, I am so happy this exists. Thanks for listening. Be decent.”

See more photos from the concert here!

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